Hi, my name is BRUNO and I would love to meet you. I am a Neutered Male German Shepherd Dog and Lab Retriever. The shelter staff think I am about ten years old. I have been at the shelter since October 12, 2018. Hello, I`m Bruno! Bruno has spent most of his life as an ouside dog and he would much prefer to come inside and be with the family. He needs a home that can help him transition slowly o...
Baby is a beautiful little puppy who was rescued from the streets of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, where dogs are dumped and die daily. She is now in WA state looking for her forever home. She is socialized with dogs of all sizes and with cats. She is a wonderful, spunky girl who will steal your heart.
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Reggie is a 3-four year old yellow labrador who is a friendly boy. Hes spent his last year as an outdoor dog with nearly no experiences outside his home, so were going to spend some time to get to know him before he we can determine what kind of home he will...
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